Black and Grey tones mobile presets

Black and Grey tones mobile presets


BLACK & GREY TONES Mobile Presets are perfect for Lifestyle, Travel, Interior Decor and Hotel photos! These presets will bring minimal black and grey tones to your photos. They will reduce bright colours yet keeping the photos attractive. Photos will look more professional and darker with minimal vibes after using Minimal Black & Grey presets. This preset pack has 12 variations so you can use them on multiple different types of photos (warm, cold, blue, yellow, dark and white etc)!

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We hope our presets will help to take your photo editing to a whole new level! If you have any questions or need help with adjusting the presets please contact us!


Minimal Mood Black & Grey Mobile Lightroom Presets for free mobile Lightroom app! Our mobile presets are easy one-click filters to bring your photos to the next level.

Preset filters are fast solution for brands, companies, real estate agents, interior designers, bloggers and anyone who wants to give their photos a professional touch and unique look. Our presets will help you to achieve your editing goals; whether that be creating a perfect theme to your Instagram feed or even for your professional photography.

All of our presets are made by us - we have developed them while doing thousands of photo editing projects for our clients and to our own Instagram pages. When we like the outcome of the specific photo, we save that edit as preset so we can apply similar edit later to our other photos and speed up the workflow.


  • 12 Black and Grey tones presets in .dng format (variations for different photos)

  • PDF Installation guide including link to video Installation guide (how to import them to mobile and do adjustments) 

Please note that these presets are for Mobile Lightroom app only (iOS and Android) and they are not suitable for desktop version of Lightroom. Lightroom mobile app is free to use and download.



We are interior decor, hotel, travel and real estate Instagram bloggers / agency. We have 5 Instagram pages with total over 2 million followers in interior decor & travel niches. We edit photos on a daily basis and we use our own presets to speed up the workflow. All of our presets have been tested in various photos and used in our Instagram pages.


Please remember that every image is unique so not every preset work on every photo. You might need to do small adjustments after applying the preset - this can all be adjusted via mobile app and it’s easy to do (our video tutorial will show you how which will be send after purchase). Please remember to read our FAQ and How To -sections.