How to install Lightroom mobile presets? 

Installing Lightroom mobile presets is simple but it will require few minutes at first time to get them imported and saved to your Lightroom app. After that using presets is fast and easy and it’s basically one-click editing! 😍

We have made a step-by-step guide for you which will be automatically send to you with your purchase. It includes pdf guide and video tutorial on how to install Lightroom mobile presets. Below you can find short guide that will get you through the steps of installation. If you are having a problem with downloading preset files to your phone please try to download them to your desktop or laptop. You can also contact us for help and we will send the files to you directly via email within 24 hours!


How to install Lightroom presets to your mobile phone -guide

Downloading preset files to your phone

  1. Download and install Lightroom CC app from AppStore or Google Play.

  2. iPhone users: Download and install iZip or Unzip app from AppStore (this way you don’t need your desktop computer). iPhones won’t open zip-files without an app.

  3. Place an order in this website for the presets you like and you will receive your purchase via email which has download link.

  4. Tap the link to download the file (pdf) and click preset download link in pdf-file (please note that iPhone users might need to open the pdf-file in Files app and then click the preset download link). The pdf-file includes also step-by-step guide on installing the presets and video guide.

  5. Download presets by clicking a download link in pdf-file. Downloading will open in browser. Please note that preset files (.DNG files) are really large so please be patient until it has downloaded. You might receive an error message before the download starts because of file size - you can ignore this message and start downloading.

    iPhone users: Choose ‘Open in iZip app” and after opening zip file in iZip it will automatically suggest to unzip files. Click OK - now you have your preset files in iZip app!

    Android users: Choose a folder and store the zip file. Press “Open” and then “Unzip”.

Importing preset files to Lightroom

iPhone users: Select the first preset file (.dng file) and choose “Open in” and then choose “Lightroom Mobile”. Repeat this for all preset files you want to import to Lightroom Mobile. After the photo opens in Lightroom it has been imported there! Please note that iPhone photo gallery won’t show preset files.

Android users: Open the Lightroom app and create new album by clicking “+” icon. Choose the name (we suggest to name it “Presets”) and save. Then on the right next to the album name tap “Add Photos”, choose and add new Mobile Presets to this album.

Saving preset files as ‘Presets’ in Lightroom

To use presets fast and easily we recommend on saving them as ‘presets’ in Lightroom app.

  1. Open one of the preset photosw and click three dots in the top right corner: this will open a folder.

  2. Choose “Create Preset”. Name the preset and then click “Preset Group” and “Create new preset group”. We suggest to name the group with preset name. Click check mark ✔️ to save the preset and the preset group you just created.

  3. Repeat this to every Preset (and save presets to the preset group you have created).

    Congrats! From now on you will have your presets ready and you find them in the editing toolbar section “Presets”. ⭐️

Using and adjusting presets

  1. Open one of your photos you wish to edit in Lightroom app.

  2. Scroll the toolbar to section ‘Presets’ and choose the preset group you have created.

  3. Click the presets to see how they change the look of your photo! Click check mark ✔️ to apply the preset you like to use in your photo (don’t mind if your photo looks a little too dark at this point).

  4. After you have chosen the preset you like you most often need to adjust A) Exposure to brighten up your photo (read why below) and B) sometimes adjust colors. Here is how:

    • Adjusting Exposure: Scroll the toolbar to ‘Light’ and adjust ‘Exposure’. Usually between +0.2 to +1.0 is enough!

    • Adjusting colors: Sometimes presets might create too strong colors (this is most common in skin when presets make the skin too orange). Scroll the toolbar to ‘Color’ and click ‘Mix’. Then choose the color you wish to adjust (e.g. orange color) and adjust the sliders to make your photo perfect!

Why I need to adjust exposure?
Our presets don’t include Exposure adjustments because we have seen that Exposure is the only setting you need to adjust (almost) every time - no matter if it’s included in the preset settings or no.