Before you buy

Thank you for your interest in our presets! 👏 Please read this FAQ section carefully before buying our mobile presets - especially if it’s your first time buying presets. Below you can find answers to the most common questions we receive. Hope this helps! If you can’t find your answer here please contact us for more!


About presets

What are Lightroom mobile presets?
Lightroom mobile presets are one click filters for Lightroom mobile app. Presets (or filters) give the photo a certain look and style. We have developed our presets over the time; when we edit our photos and really like the outcome of that specific edit, we save the edit as a preset so that it can be applied to other images also. We have developed several different preset styles for different end results. Each preset style you can buy from our website consist 8-15 variations of that particular style so you can choose the one which suits best for your photo(s).

Presets are widely used by photographers and bloggers. For example interior photographer saves a lot of time from editing when using ready developed presets and bloggers/Instagrammers can easily build a constant, unique feed for their social channels with presets.

What program do I need to use your presets?
Our presets work on mobile app called Lightroom CC. The app is FREE and it don’t require monthly subscription. Lightroom CC mobile app can be downloaded from AppStore (iPhone) or Google Play (Andoird).

Desktop version of Lightroom has monthly subscription fee. Desktop version is widely used by professional photographers.

I never used Lightroom, can I still use your presets?
YES! In fact our presets are specifically developed for those who have little knowledge to editing and want to give their photos a professional touch and certain look.

How do I import the mobile presets to my phone and Lightroom app?
After purchasing our mobile presets you will receive a detailed guide with video which will help you to import the presets. You can check our How it Works page here to see short step-by-step guide. When you receive the presets via email you might need to open it on your desktop and download the file there first. Presets are send to you in zip-file which will include the presets you bought and pdf-guide + video guide on how to import files to your mobile and make small adjustments after applying filters to your photos.

Do the presets work on iPhone images?
YES! Our presets work with all types of mobile images. Please remember that every image is different so not every presets work on every single photo. You might need to do small adjustments after applying the preset. You might need to adjust exposure, contrast and saturation - this can all be adjusted via mobile app and it’s easy to do (our video tutorial will show you how which will be send after purchase).

If I buy a new phone can I transfer my presets?
Of course. Once you’ve placed your order and received your presets via email we suggest to save them to your computer and/or external hard drive for backup.

Do I get guarantee the presets will work for me?
No you don’t. Even thought our mobile presets are one click filters to make a particular look for your photos you still might need to do small adjustments after applying the preset since every photo is completely unique. These adjustments can be easily done in the mobile app and we will show you how to do them in our video tutorial (will be sent after purchase).


When will I receive my purchase?
Right after purchase you will receive an email with download link. Open the link via desktop computer or mobile phone and download the file. We suggest to save the file (your purchase) to your computer and/or external hard drive for backup. If you bought our presets please follow the guide on how to import the presets to your mobile (the guide will be sent with the purchase).

What payment options you offer?
Payments can be made via Paypal or Stripe (Major Credit/Debit cards).


My link is expired, what to do?
The download link is valid for 24 hours after purchase. If the link has expired please contact us and send your order number so we can help.

I have trouble on downloading the presets, what to do?
Please feel free to contact us if you have any issues on downloading or importing the presets! We will reply within 24 hours and we can send you the files directly via email.

Where can I buy your presets?
You can buy our presets via this website. We have also an Etsy Store so you can find our presets there also.

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What happens if I don’t like the presets?
All sales are final and we can’t provide refunds for any reasons.

Can I refund my downloaded products?
No you can’t. Due to the nature of the digital products we sell and the industry standards we can’t provide refunds for any reasons.


How can I get featured on your Instagram ‘Before & After’?
We are happy to hear that you are interested to feature on our Instagram! After buying our presets and/or our other digital download products and using them in your photos please send them to us via Instagram. We are happy to see them and might consider of posting them to our highlights and our page!

If I buy your presets and/or other products will you feature my photos?
Buying our presets and/or our other digital download products don’t guarantee of getting featured on our pages. We will feature some of the before & after photos we receive via Instagram Direct message. Please feel free to send your photos to us for possible feature! We are happy to see them!