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Are you Instagrammer, Youtuber, blogger or other influencer and interested in our presets? Would you like to earn when promoting our presets to your friends and followers? We are offering affiliate partnership where you can earn commission from every sale you refer!

High Commissions ✅

You will earn 50% from every sale you refer! That’s right - 50% from every sale. We will pay commissions monthly via Paypal.

Sales Tracking & Reporting ✅

You will get your own unique link and access to your own affiliate dashboard where you can see all the traffic, sales and upcoming commissions.


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Our affiliate program FAQ

I’m interested in joining your affiliate program. How do I proceed?
We are happy to hear! 🧡 Please send the application above and we will check it within 24 hours and contact you via email. Then you will receive more information on how to register our program and other details.

How your affiliate program works?
1) Fill the application form above.
2) Recommend and promote our presets to your friends and followers and direct them to our website via your unique affiliate link.
3) Earn commissions every time someone makes a purchase via your link!

When you join our program you will get access to your own affiliate dashboard where you can see all the sales and traffic you have generated and upcoming commissions you have earned. You can get unique affiliate link from your affiliate dashboard. Add this link to your blog, Instagram bio (or Swipe up stories), Youtube video captions or anywhere where your followers can easily click it. You will earn 50% commission from every referred sale!

How many followers you require to have?
If you’re using only one social media channel for promoting (e.g. Instagram) then we usually require (minimum) 3000-4000 followers. Anyhow, we are checking every application individually so from time to time we might accept affiliates with lower amount of followers also.

Can I get free presets if I get accepted to your program?
Yes! If you get accepted we will usually give some of our presets for you to use.

How commissions work and how they are paid?
We offer really high commission: 50% from sales! We think it’s fair that when you promote our presets you will also receive a generous reward from it. So we have decided to go 50/50 with earnings!

Commission will be accepted from every sale that has been referred by you. This means that when customer has come to our website after clicking your unique affiliate link and made a purchase. You can track traffic, sales and commissions via your affiliate dashboard.

Commissions are paid via Paypal at the beginning of every month. Minimum commission amount is 20€. If you have earned less than 20€ your commissions will last to next month and will be paid after the 20€ amount has exceeded.

How much can I make?
Good news: there is no limit on how much you can earn! Your earnings are depended on how many buying customers you can refer. Usually, the more our affiliates promote, the more they will make.

How do I promote your presets?
We recommend that you use our presets and introduce them to your friends and followers, for example showing before & after photos on your Instagram feed and stories. You can also receive marketing material from us if you wish.

Commissions and taxes
By joining our affiliate program you agree that you are responsible for all the possible taxes. Tax laws are different in every country so Blvck Media Presets online store is not responsible for taxes or other fees that might occur to you.


Our affiliates

We are happy to work with you! 😍 You can Sign In to your affiliate dashboard by clicking the button below and then clicking top right corner ‘Sign In’ button.